Your fanfiction is marvelous. I love it so, so much. Thanks for being super awesome all the time. :) — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Lol, I don’t know about all the time. But thank you for the message, anon. I’m starting to wonder if this is the same person over and over being super nice. Lol. 

Much love. xo

For those of you who’ve been asking about Sarah Anderson in “The Nanny”, I imagine her as Elisha Cuthbert.

For those of you who’ve been asking about Sarah Anderson in “The Nanny”, I imagine her as Elisha Cuthbert.

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Im so blown away by your writing, is sooo good!!!! And im always wondering how do you manage to write all these stories and keep the characters different, i mean how dont you get confused? I cant even read 2 stories at a time lol. Anyway i love you please keep writing forever <33 — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

LOL. This brought a smile to my face. 

I often wonder the same thing. It may have something to do with my sanity level being a bit low, lol, but I should say that I often get bored when I try focusing on one project at a time. It’s either that, or I hit a wall and lose inspiration. Applying myself to different stories keeps me going in some weird way. 

I think I don’t get confused because the characters are soooooo different. Emphasis on the so. For instance, Sebastian in TMWYK is different from Sebastian in The Nanny, and so are the two Kurts. The Blaine in Ride is different from the Blaine in Not Exclusive. They are all the characters we know and love but they have subtle differences that I hope helps you connect to them differently in every verse. Because of that, it isn’t hard to keep up while I’m writing them. 

Thanks for the question, anon. I hope you continue to read and enjoy while doing so. :)

goddamn it janelle what is with you and cliffhangers?! — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

To be fair, I haven’t decided how Blaine will react yet so I did that to give myself some time to plan it all out. This story is a work in progress in more ways than one, lol. And the cliffy wasn’t even that bad. It could’ve been bad. Geesh. 


You're honestly the best fanfiction author that I've ever come across. Each and every one of your stories are incredible and the dedication you put into regular updates is admirable and much appreciated. Thank you so much for everything! — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Wow, thanks! I’m having a lot of fun sharing these fics with you all and I’m happy that people are looking forward to it. And messages like these are very encouraging, Anon. Thank you again. xo

Hi! I know you're doing a rewrite of Roommates and I'm really interested in reading it, but I don't know if I should read Roommates and then read SoHS or just read the rewrite. I know they're basically the same but I don't know what to do. — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

If you have time you could read Roommates just for fun and to compare the two I guess. The rewrite has the same background Anderberry wise, but a lot has changed overall. I really needed to give the characters some depth early on because that’s what was lacking originally, as well as a solid goal, but I think this time around I’ll have my sh*t together. But, Roommates was well loved so I would casually read it if you’re up to it. 

Thank you, Nonnie.

Hello, I love your story, but I would ask: 1. 'Cause you left us so, with the intrigue?. 2.How many chapters are? . 3. More chapters, please!!! 4. Mpreg! Could it be? I would love for Kurt to get pregnant and have their own children with Blaine, so cute!!!! — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Hi, I’m not sure which story this is for? If it’s something I’m working on now, there’ll more than likely be more chapters, so don’t worry. :) But I wouldn’t get my hopes up on 4 ever happening. 

Thanks for the ask!

QUEEN. I L O V E Y O U!! *virtual hugs and kisses* — Asked by itsesmebitch22 Asked by itsesmebitch22 portrait

You’re definitely one of the faves *heart eyes*

Updated: The Nanny


Author: Janelle (AO3 and S&C) / nellie12 (FF)

Summary: Kurt is desperate for a job. No one is willing to hire him. After weeks of being poor, he’s convinced to join an agency that will help him find a job as a babysitter. But when college sophomore Kurt shows up at the Anderson residence, he…

You write the best fanfiction! I'm addicted, you have a real talent ! — Asked by nsnitcouldhappen Asked by nsnitcouldhappen portrait

Thank you! I’m so grateful for all the support and encouragement, you guys have no idea. :)