• Person A: Makes a typo
  • Person A: Repeats the word with the typo corrected
  • Person B: Says the word with the original typo
  • Person A: Shut up
I love the Ride series and I hope there is more after Gemini! Yes, I'm already worried about that ending lol — Asked by tohavealifetimeoffun Asked by tohavealifetimeoffun portrait

I think I’m realllllyyy looking forward to their lives in NYC.

God Janelle! Ur like the ONLY writer that I wait on for updates. I don't read others work unless it's completed but with you.. you're the only exception(; and now with the BB fic coming up UGH! I'm just so in love with you! I'll ship u a ring soon^·^ — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Lol, I appreciate that. The ring, too. ;)

Are you still writing the Nanny I just found it today and I am LOVING it!!! — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Yup Yup Yup!


Hi Nellie, are you really gonna post your fanfic only on Tumblr? How can I get notification about updates in this case? Thanks! :) — Asked by gretelbrinker Asked by gretelbrinker portrait

Nah, I’ll post most on all three sites (FF dot net, AO3, and Scarves & Coffee) as well as some things here on tumblr. 

Hey girly! Since all this season 6 drama is going on have you read The Sidhe? I feel it's appropriate how it's a coming full circle kind of story and even if the writers mess up, there's an eternity of possibilities for their story. — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

I feel like I thought about starting that but never actually did start it. Hm. I’ll give it a look. I’ve heard so many good things. 

Thank you.

How close will Blaine be to punching or fighting Liam in Gemini? Cause he better not get suspended — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Lol, I wasn’t considering suspension but it could bring some much needed conflict between the two love birds don’t you think? 

Just read your one-shot!! And I LOVED it!! Great work :) — Asked by wearenotbrokenjustbentcc Asked by wearenotbrokenjustbentcc portrait


I loved ♥Before I Do♥ — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

I know this is an older ask and I’m so sorry I neglected to answer but THANK YOU SO MUCH. 

please tell me you’re writing more for Before I Do. PLEEEEAASE. you can’t leave it there! It’s so good <3

I am considering it. Just a follow-up, because I’m curious about their story and how it ends (or, begins) as well. :) 

Please tell me you will not give up on your fanfictions bc of what glee is doing with klaine — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

I’m still here. :)