What I love about your stories, is that no matter what the background is, the age, the people around them, etc... the one and only thing that remains the same, it's that Kurt and Blaine are made for each other. And I think that's beautiful. — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Isn’t that how it’s supposed to be? I can’t see those two any other way. Maybe I’m a mush but :3


Do you have like a cronogram to update "The Nanny" or is it whenever you can? It's just so I know when I can wait for an update of your awesome fic ;) — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait


All of my updates are whenever I can. :)

you wrote The Nanny!!!! *bows down to you* it's literally one of my all time favorite klaine fics! thank you for your very talented mind! — Asked by darrenchrisuniverse Asked by darrenchrisuniverse portrait

Whaaaat lol thank you! Yes, I wrote it :) I came up with the Nanny part of it but someone on tumblr prompted me with age difference, so they’re just as much to thank ^_^

I absolutely love the way you write Blaine's devotion to Kurt and Kurt's endless love to him, no matter the story or universe, because it's always mind blowing to see! Really, trully beautiful. Thank you for that! <3 — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Thank you anon!

I really don't ship Klaine as it is in the show, but by your stories I'm slowly starting to like the ship again. — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

I agree in the sense that I ship the Klaine that the fandom has written a lot more than I ship canon Klaine. Not that I don’t love canon Klaine, because I do. I just think that fandom has given us more in terms of Blaine’s character.

Thanks for the message! I’m lucky to have you guys reading. Xo

I wanted to tell that Anon that The Nanny is one of the BEST Klaine stories I have read- and I have read most of them. It is unique-I love your Blaine and the friendship between Kurt and Seb is really fun. — Asked by itsrainingjellybeans Asked by itsrainingjellybeans portrait

Thank you!! That means a lot… I’m never sure when posting new AUs what people will think or if it’ll be accepted but I’m grateful that readers enjoy this. I’m loving this Sebastian, too.

Ever think about writing a flight attendant!kurt ???? Xx — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

Well I hadn’t until now…. Lol.


Hey! So, first I want to say that I love your writing and "Ride" is one of my favorite fics, it's just amaaazing. I just have one question, I want to read "The Nanny", but I didn't understand if it's Kurt/Blaine/Sebastian or if Sebastian is just there as a friend, I'm just not a big fan of Klaine with other people, so I just wanted to know that before reading :) Thank you! — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

It’s Klaine and Sebastian is Kurt’s best friend :)

Thank you, too!

I love so much the latest update of the nanny. THANK YOU SWEETIE !! — Asked by Anonymous Asked by Anonymous portrait

 Thank you! XD


90’s nostalgia